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Attention: Bluffview Development has postponed their meeting with Planning & Zoning until February 2nd, 2021. This marks the second delay due to everyone's efforts.


The proposed Bluffview Development is currently seeking to modify the area closest to the Southwest Bypass from being zoned Residential (RS) to MF-1 which is medium density multi-family housing. A picture below illustrates. The primary concerns with the development are as follows:

  • Increased traffic through Riverview and River Ridge 3 Neighborhoods

  • Impact to home values

To learn more, read further:

Increased Traffic

Currently, there is a plan to expand Leander Road. This plan shows that all left turns out of River Ridge 2, River Ridge 3, Riverview Estates and Bluffview neighborhoods will have to occur on River Ridge Drive (the main entrance to River Ridge 3). See below.


As it stands, the Foxhollow and the southern part of River Down Rd. will see an increase in traffic once the expansion begins and residents are unable to easily exit their respective neighborhoods using their usual preference. With the addition of the Bluffview development, we are concerned about the increased traffic that our neighborhoods road sizes were not designed to handle

The Bluffview neighborhood could have around 150 residences and 250 multi-family units. Currently, those residents will either use our neighborhood to travel east on Leander Rd. or use the SW Bypass to access town.











Leander Road Expansion.png
Bluffview Site Plan.png

Here is some recent information along with meetings that have been conducted that may be of interest.

  1. There was a neighborhood meeting with Sophia Nelson from City Planning and the Bluffview developers on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020. The Bluffview development is seeking approval for MF-1 medium density multi-family housing. Select the following to view:  Meeting Recording   Passcode: C!D5xP2^

  2. Wade Todd and Sterling Woodard met with City Engineering and Transportation on Monday, January 4th. The current traffic concern appears to be an issue with the city more so than the development itself. Select the following to view: Meeting Recording    Passcode: d^J!Bk8^​

  3. You should be receiving an annual letter in the mail that provides an overview.

  4. ​The HOA Board hired our own traffic consultant to develop a study and present it to Planning and Zoning so they will see the impact Bluffview will have once Leander Road expansion occurs.

What you can do?

  1. Contact Planning & Zoning and express your concerns if you have any. This is one of the best ways you can have your voice heard. Their email is

  2. Plan to attend the Planning & Zoning meeting when Bluffview Development presents their case. Once the meeting is set and the Zoom link is provided, we will post it on this site and email those in our email distrubution list.

  3. If you wish to receive email updates on this issue, please email and provide your name, residence, and email address.

  4. Contact any city council member you are connected to and voice your concerns.

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