River Ridge 3 Garden Club

Greetings, fellow gardeners!


Based on your survey results and some good luck, our next event will be “All about Trees!” or Omnia Abores (if you are into the Latin names of things!)


We will be gathering on November 20th at 10 a.m. at Bari & David Liams’ house, 318 Ridge Run Drive. Please dress warmly, as we will be touring their yard with Arborist Bob Shaw while he records our event for his followers. Bring lots of questions about TREES!!!



Your other top picks on the survey, include (in no particular order):

  • Fungicides, herbicide & pesticides

  • Winterizing

  • Insects

  • Invasive plants

  • Native, drought-tolerant, perennial plants        

  • Container plants

  • Tending to vines


Further survey results indicate:

  • A strong majority of folks wanted to continue to meet on Saturday morning.

  • Several kind souls (obviously including Bari) volunteered to host events.

  • Some folks agreed to make recommendations about local nurseries. And gardening book recommendations from club members so far include Neil Sperry’s Complete Guide to Texas Gardening and Howard Garrett’s Plants for Texas.


  • Almost everyone wanted to help out our neighbors in need with yard work!

  • Some new subjects were proffered: pet-friendly plants, rain gardens, shaded gardens, songbird/hummingbird-friendly plants.

  • We were also asked to consider a private group to exchange ideas and solicit advice on NextDoor. We may also try to tap into a Master Gardener site --we’ll have details at our next meeting, -- which brings me to…   

Save the date for December 4th, as we are planning a special club event at our house!


Keep it green and growing,

Karen and Reed