Bluffview Development

Planning & Zoning approved the Bluffview PUD on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

The video below is the presentation that the HOA Board presented at the meeting:


The link below is for the entire P&Z meeting:


Meeting Recording:


Access Passcode: &1e5YQZ5

To review more information regarding Bluffview, please go to the Residents page.



Leander Road Expansion

Since this item has passed, our focus will shift towards working with the city on its plans for the Interim Leander Road Expansion which is up for Bond in May 2021. How the city develops this expansion has the greatest impact on our neighborhood. We have begun conversations with city engineering but not to the point yet where we sense their plans will change. We will be reaching out to you once we have an idea on how you can help impact these changes.