Annual HOA meeting for HOA members was held at Tippit Middle School Cafeteria on January 27th at 6:30 PM. A follow-up letter will be mailed to the HOA from the president to summarize the meeting.

2020 HOA Officers

President                               Sterling Woodard      469-439-5559

Vice President                      Jody Fry

Treasurer                               Don Anderson       512-869-7071

Secretary                               Jody Hahn

At large member                  Joe Pondrom                512-864-3907

At large member                  Wade Todd                           512-750-9658

At large member                  Jim Wilson         

Architectural Committee     Jerry Mullins             

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Bluffview Development information

Planning & Zoning approved the Bluffview PUD on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

The following link is the presentation that the HOA Board presented at the meeting:


Since this item has passed, we will move this content under the Resident section for an additional period of time. This page will soon provide updates for Leander Road Expansion plans.

Answers to a couple of common questions

What if it remains Single Family Only Zoning?

If Bluffview's zoning is denied, they most likely would just sell the land to a developer who wishes to develop single-family only neighborhood. While that sounds ideal, it most likely would not be. If the zoning is not changed, then a developer could place an even higher density than what the Bluffview PUD is now proposing which is no more than around 350 residences. This would happen because there are no restrictions on lot sizes which means they would have the smallest lots possible, hence, smaller, cheaper homes to maximize their profits. Most of us think "surely they would turn those into comparable lot sizes as you have now, however, if you drive around and look at most new developments, this is not the case. In addition, we would have no say in the type or quality of homes they would build. Perhaps most importantly, a new developer that does not have to request zoning does not need to have to adhere to the complaints of its neighbors. This means that Bent Tree Drive would be tied into their primary entrance and we in turn could end up with even more traffic than we are facing with the Bluffview PUD.

The Bluffview Developers have been very responsive to our concerns over traffic and have made a number of changes to their PUD to alleviate our concerns.

  • Moving their primary entrance to the east by 100ft. This creates a longer runway for their residents to travel west to a U-Turn to travel back east towards Tippett for those that need to. The longer runway means a safer exit which in turn means fewer people seeking a safer exit, i.e., Bent Tree Drive.

  • They are shifting their entrance for the Multi-Family portion to the southern end which will encourage those residents to use the Leander Road exit instead of driving north to utilize the circuitous route.

  • They are going to create a circuitous route with Bent Tree which means they will not be tying Bent Tree into their primary road of Bluffview Drive. In short, they are going to work to make it less desirable for people to use Bent Tree as an exit.

  • They are adding a right of way at the north end of Bluffview Drive that could be tied into the SW Bypass someday should the planned flyover be eliminated. This means they are setting their neighborhood up to connect to the bypass someday if allowed which will relieve additional traffic from our neighborhood.

  • In the MF-1 portion, they were seeking 14 units per acre for 22.6 acres. They have agreed to 11 units per acre if the units are for sale and 9.5 units per acre if the residences are for rent. If a "for rent" development is created, this is single family styled homes or townhomes/condos that are built and then managed by a corporation which will maintain the properties. This is not a "for rent" where individual owners would rent the property and then you get into having a wide range of maintenance occurred on the homes. 

Why do they have to use Bent Tree?

Unfortunately, yes. The city requires neighborhoods to have two points of entry. The city currently denies them access to SW Bypass. While River Down Road was stubbed like Bent Tree many years ago to tie into an adjoining neighborhood, it is has been said to be inadvisable to do so. Our city manager told us that a year ago before we heard the name Bluffview. About 50 yards west at the end of River Down Road is a ravine about 40 feet deep. No neighborhood is going to build a bridge to cross that. They would have to navigate to a place in the land that would be safe enough distance to do so. Therefore, this only leaves Bent Tree Drive.

Recording Meetings Info

Below are some of the initial meetings that have been conducted. Unfortunately, the more recent meetings were not recorded where we engaged in various solutions that were listed above.

  1. There was a neighborhood meeting with Sophia Nelson from City Planning and the Bluffview developers on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020. The Bluffview development is seeking approval for MF-1 medium density multi-family housing. Select the following to view:  Meeting Recording   Passcode: C!D5xP2^

  2. Wade Todd and Sterling Woodard met with City Engineering and Transportation on Monday, January 4th. The current traffic concern appears to be an issue with the city more so than the development itself. Select the following to view: Meeting Recording    Passcode: d^J!Bk8^​

  3. You should be receiving an annual letter in the mail that provides an overview.

  4. ​The HOA Board hired our own traffic consultant to develop a study and present it to Planning and Zoning so they will see the impact Bluffview will have once Leander Road expansion occurs.

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