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Our neighborhood is filled with friendly people who actively engage in the neighborhood.
On this site, you can find information such as the latest activities, HOA Meeting Minutes, HOA Covenants as well as a place for realtors and newcomers to learn more.

Real Estate Information and HOA Covenants

This information applies to current homeowners, Buyers and Sellers, and the Title & Mortgage Companies


  • All property owners are required to be members of the River Ridge 3 Homeowner's Association.

  • The 2024 annual membership fee is $225.

  • ALL transfer of properties and/or refinancing requires the completion of the Texas Resale Certificate TREC 37-5.

  • Please have your title company or requesting party contact us to make request.


To obtain a copy of the TREC 37-5 or any other questions, send a letter or email to


HOA Covenants

The below documents are copies of the official covenants on file at the Williamson County Courthouse. To learn more about the covenants for your section of the neighborhood, select the document below.

Covenants A & B

Covenants C & D

Covenants C & D Amendment

Covenants D, E & F

Notice to Prospective Purchaser

Bylaws of River Ridge 3

Architectural Committee

As a reminder, all exterior projects should be run by the architectural committee. Please contact Jerry Mullins via email at 

Real Estate & Covenants

HOA Board Information

2024 HOA Officers

To contact the HOA Board:


Vice President

Treasurer (Interim)


Member at Large 1

Member at Large 2

Member at Large 3

Director Landscaping

Director of Public Safety

Architectural Committee 1

Architectural Committee 2

Architectural Committee 3

Keith Brainard

Stephen Pahl

Wade Todd

Karen Smith

George Brown

Don Anderson

Sterling Woodard

Jim Wilson

Joe Pondrom

Jerry Mullins

Douglas Brown


Next HOA Board meeting:

Date:  June 10th, @ 6pm


Agenda: Posted on the message board

The HOA Board of Directors meets throughout the year to discuss and resolve issues that may arise in the neighborhood. Below is a list of the Board Meeting Minutes over the past few years.



2/20/2024 - Annual Meeting Minutes (Draft)

2/12/2024 - Board Minutes

1/15/2024 - Board Minutes


11/30/2023 - Board Minutes

9/5/2023 - Board Minutes

7/11/2023 - Board Minutes

6/20/2023 - Board Minutes

5/23/2013 - Board Minutes

4/11/2023 - Annual Board Meeting

2/28/2023 - Board Meeting

1/17/2023 - Board Meeting


10/18/2022 - Board Meeting

09/20/2022 - Board Meeting

07/19/2022 - Board Meeting

05/24/2022 - Board Meeting

04/12/2022 - Annual Board Meeting

04/12/2022 - Board Meeting

03/08/2022 - Board Meeting


Please use the form to the right to contact the HOA Board or if you have not received any emails from us in the past 6 months. 

Thanks for submitting!

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